Christmas fying using points-internationally

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Mar 29, 2007
I am trying to Fly Syd-Vanvouver prior to xmas then onto NY JFK for NYE , then onto London then to Syd utilising points.
I am aware that this is a very difficult time to fly using FFP but has anyone any ideas?
Much appreciated.

Kiwi Flyer

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Sep 24, 2004
Welcome to AFF pleasureg :)

There are the usual suggestions to keep looking, try alternate routings (eg via Auckland, or Hawaii), be flexible on dates and routes (midweek is best), be flexible on whether you need to travel on the exact same flights (if more than one of you), etc.

It may be a bit late for this time, but since QFF allows one-way awards one good strategy for those who know their travel dates is to book each bit between stopovers as soon as it becomes available (at 355 days before departure).
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