Child travelling without Parents - Letter of Consent

Discussion in 'Your Questions' started by Joy6328, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Hi!

    Next month I will be sending my daughter and Nanny up to Rockhampton, and I will meet them there the following day - too much boring driving for them to come with me...

    But Qantas have asked me to make sure the Nanny has a letter of consent to travel with Poppy and without us (the Parents)...

    Has anyone else done this before and do you have a sample / template I could borrow?

    Thanks :)
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  2. harvyk

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    Apr 15, 2009
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    For a dom flight, where there are no court orders over the child I can't imagine it would be too hard. Probably something along the lines of

    "Dear Qantas,

    (Insert Nannies Name here) is travelling with (Insert Childs Name Here) to Rockhampton with our consent.
    If you have any queries we can be contacted on (Insert best contact method here)


    (Insert your name here)
    (Insert your signature here)
    (Insert frequent flyer number here if applicable)

  3. Thanks for that Harvyk :)

    It's funny because I never changed my name when I married and Poppy's has my husband's surname... but Qantas told me they would be "flagged" to ask for consent to travel because of the different surnames!

    Never had an issue before... but better to be prepared I guess :)
  4. ozbeachbabe

    ozbeachbabe Senior Member

    Jan 10, 2009
    That's news to me I have never ever heard of this for domestic travel. Wonder how they "flag" the booking & what would happen if you did OLCI.

    The only time I've heard of something like this was for travel to the Philippines if the child had a different name to the adults accompanying them. In that case you had to have a copy of the child's full birth certificate & IIRC there was another document you had to obtain from the Philippine Consulate & take with you to present to customs in the Philippines on arrival & departure from their country.

    This was to stop potential child trafficking.

    If there was some custody battle involved it's possible there could be some sort of restriction placed on travel undertaken by the child but I'm assuming that isn't the case in your scenario.
  5. LOL _ I've lost count but think this will be her 16th flight with Qantas... not bad for a 9m old :)

    All of those flights with non-matching surnames and I"ve never been queried once! Definitely no custody issues but considering we'll both be flying at the same time - although different directions - I know that if there WAS to be a problem... this would be the time for it!

    Thank you :)

  6. markis10

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    Nov 25, 2004
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    Your daughter is classed as an UM:

    Conditions of travel as an unaccompanied minor:
    Domestic Travel
    Under 5 years Children under 5 must be accompanied by a person 15 years or over who is an immediate family member or who has written permission from the child's parent or guardian.
  7. Ahhh.... well then that makes sense! :)
    Thanks Markis10 :)
  8. awilcockson

    awilcockson Established Member

    Jul 14, 2010
    Interesting, I've had my kids travel with their maternal grandparents (therefore different surname) when they were under 5 and nobody ever raised an eyebrow. Both over 5 now, so one less thing to worry about :)

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