Cheapest online Qantas tkts / Any Round Aust tickets avail?

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Dec 25, 2004
Hi everyone.

I've been lurking here for a while, and finally have a cpl of questions I'd appreciate some help with.

When I book Qantas flights through the web, just about every time I've tried I've ended up booking directly through Qantas web as they have been the cheapest. Half the time other sites don't even find the cheapest flights that QF offer if you do the same search at QF.

Does anyone have any online sites they can recommend?

Additional question as well that hopefully someone can answer - With international fares, you can buy "Explorer" tickets etc which allow multi zone travel RTW. Is there anything equivalent in domestic Aust? At some stage I'm hoping to do a fly around Australia over a couple of days visiting each of the capital cities. Is there any easier way than booking seperate flights?

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Nov 4, 2006
Webjet will find you the cheapest flights, but when they add on their booking fee you still end up paying more than booking with qantas direct.

Basically travel agents, travel websites etc no longer make any commission from the airlines on domestic flights (and these days, very little on the international ones as well) so they might show up the same fare, but then charge booking fees on top.

You will always get a cheaper domestic fare by going direct to the airline - I always use Webjet to work out the cheapest option out of DJ, JQ and QF, then I go directly to the website of the airline I want to fly and make the booking.

Even a friend who is a travel agent will tell you to go direct to the airline - they basically can't be bothered wasting their time booking domestic flights because they make nothing. The only time a travel agent will want to book domestic for you, is if they are booking a coughload of accommodation and hire car as well to make some money!

Dave Noble

Senior Member
Oct 10, 2005
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