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Changes to GUF processing - Bookings Direct with BA


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Aug 26, 2010
@madrooster posted this thread a few days ago highlighting an improvement in GUF processing using a travel agent....but it gets better!

It has been widely reported on FT that GUF's could be processed in the same way for direct bookings with BA. This means that as long as there is A, I, or T class in the cabin you wish to upgrade to the upgrade voucher can be used.

It gets even better....this applies to existing bookings and on bookings which include flights on other airlines. (Obviously in the latter case the voucher can only be used to upgrade flights with a BA flight number and on BA metal.)

Griselda just got off the GGL line and had all of this confirmed by the Customer Service individual who said that the GGL team had been pushing for this. It may be a trial but the CS rep expected it to stay in place.

Don't forget that the GUF applies to the whole itinerary, not just a single flight within the itinerary - it is a very valuable benefit.
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Nov 18, 2011
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This is a great piece of news. Just when the prospect of LTP had me once again crediting to QFF. It's like a godfather movie - "just when I try to get out, they pull me back in."

The whole idea of things like GUF2 is gamification of the FF program so it offers something to keep all of us interested. Just when your programme has nothing you want, volia. GUF2 & GUF1. Since these can be used on:
Trips your company pays for
Trips with your mistress
Tickets on weird routing (BA metal)
The whole trip ! Yes SYD-SIN-LHR- FCO-LHR SIN SYD

and since availability for CW (Business in BA Speak) includes I and for First includes A. You can actually get availability - yes really. previously you had to educate your travel agent. BA provides a trade education pdf - I can send it to anyone whose TA is having difficulty:

When you reach the stage of top tiers on multiple programmes - it's the non-points things like GUF 1/2 which keep me chasing targets. I still don't understand how the GUF2 different classes on different sectors all works ( eg 4 cabin , 3 cabin, 2 cabin and single cabin all on one itinerary works - but it does)

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