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Casa Luna Holiday Cottage Capileira Spain

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Nov 17, 2004
I am posting this review as part of my trip report that is here http://www.australianfrequentflyer....tos/parts-portugal-spain-then-fasa-61547.html

This is a freestanding cottage over 2 storeys. Overall about 75sq m it has recently been done up by a Hong Kong based owner who uses a local couple for the meet & greet service-after staying here it seems it suffers a little by having an absentee owner-little things not quite working, not quite so clean, mixed crockery, dead plants etc. Again we had a functional property that had everything we needed- cooking facilities, good shower, big fridge comfy bed, and a fantastic terrace ( it could do with some better more practical & comfortable furnishing) with superb 180 degree views including down to Bubion and Pampaneira. We are a couple of minutes walk to the 2 supermarkets & many of the town restaurants/bars/cafes. The walking is all uneven so the whole village is not particularly suited to people with mobility problems.
We were here as a chance to do some walking in this section of the Sierra Nevada and it was a short but spectacular bus transfer from Granada. The population of Capileira is only 500 odd but it caters well to tourists.

Photos below 1/ kitchen & dining on lower level 2/ upstairs terrace with view 3/ upstairs lounge led to bedroom & other way out to terrace 4/ we made use of the washine facilities 5/ spacious & comfortable bedroom

1-DSC06290.jpg 2-DSC06293.jpg 3-DSC06296.jpg 4-DSC06392.jpg 5-DSC06297.jpg
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