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Cancelling Points + Pay Ticket


Jan 2, 2017
I have two tickets booked, Canberra to LA for myself and my 4yo Daughter in mid November.
ONLY reason for travel is to go to Disneyland to see the Christmas Decorations, I kept these tickets hoping that we would be able to go still. But Disneyland has just stopped selling tickets and require reservations now to enter the park for the rest of the year (2020)
I don't have my tickets yet so now can't go - there is no point to going on this trip and we will now have to cancel.

I used Points + Pay, how does this get refunded? DO i get my points back and the rest as a travel bank?

Can I even cancel this ticket being it is for November? Govt hasn't even announced if we can fly then anyway for holidays.
I'm very confused.


Established Member
May 2, 2013
I cannot answer your question specifically, but I can offer one point you may want to consider: I reckon it does not matter "when" you cancel, as long as you do it before the travel. So, why not wait till closer to the date and see if the flight is going to be cancelled anyway? You will have a much stronger case if the tickets are cancelled by the airline, or the government advise against travel is in effect for your (planned) travel.