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Can Oneworld award be booked in parts?

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Jan 20, 2009
Hoping you guys can provide some advice.

Looking to book a Oneworld multi-city/RTW 140,000 point fare for the end of next year (starting early December) where the first destination is JNB.

I'm concerned that SYD-JNB is typically a very busy route need to book that pretty quickly to get 4 seats once awards/fares become available with QF (about 11.5 months in advance I believe) ... however the whole trip is going to be 6 weeks or so, thus I won't be able to secure the other flights (especially partner airlines) at that early stage.

So my question is based on other's experience - can I book the MEL-JNB leg for the 48000 points, then just pay change fees for each passenger at a later date to factor in the other required flights to get up to the 140000 award, or do I just have to book the 140000 award separately to do the rest of the travel and get an extra stop somewhere and just do the "after" JNB parts (costing me 188,000 points in total)?

Hope that makes sense.
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Not open for further replies.