Bug in Qantas' email system for notifying of flight changes?


Mar 30, 2006
I had a two-leg flight booked from HVB to SYD in October 2020. I received two emails telling me the return flight had changed. Both were the same, with details about a change to the second leg (only 5min change). I just now checked the flight on the website. The first leg has been moved 4 hours earlier to a different flight number - which means I can not catch it (I plan to be coming in from Lady Elliot). The original flight no longer appears on the QF system - so presumably cancelled.

There are now no QF flights that fit my itinerary. Fortunately I can just cancel the flight (a classic reward) without having to deal with 'support'. Looks like I'll be driving.

So, if you get any flight change notifications, check on the website for any associated flights. In this case at least, changes to them didn't get sent out.
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