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Brazil to review rules on unlimted luggage

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Jan 22, 2007
Brazil authorities to look into reviewing rules over excess baggage to Brazil. Currently travellers to Brazil don't have to pay for extra luggage.

Cecilia Ribeiro Sainz Trapaga, her daughter and a grandson each lugged two 31-kilogram suitcases for travel to Sao Paulo last month from Orlando, Florida, on United Airlines. And they did so at no cost.

Had they been travelling to almost anywhere but Brazil, they would have had to pay for being at least 9 kg overweight on each bag and as much as $US100 ($115) for their second checked piece. But Brazil's consumer-protection rules make it one of the most passenger-friendly places to fly, forcing airlines to handle extra luggage at no extra cost, put stranded travellers on competitors' planes and face lawsuits for delays of as little as 30 minutes.
Flying in Brazil: Where excess luggage doesn't cost extra
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