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Aug 28, 2010
I've been searching for a cheap economy one way ticket from Europe to Sydney for December. I've finally found a SQ flight on my preferred day, without a long stop over and on an A380 the whole way. Perfect! Except I can't find a way to book this. Nowhere online seems to sell this fare and my local travel agent can't book it either. I've checked Expert Flyer and every seat is either occupied or blocked. Does this mean there is no more availability and the Matrix just hasn't updated yet?

Second best that suits me is a CX flight but has a 8.5 hour stop over in Hong Kong. I can see there is a pay per use lounge in the terminal. I don't have any status to use in any of the other lounges. Has anyone used this paid lounge? They advertise quiet rooms, am I likely to get any sleep?

Thanks for any responses :)
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