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Best value *Alliance program???

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Junior Member
Sep 14, 2005
I am flying Singpore Airlines first class MEL - PEK and HAN - MEL in April.

I am a member of Air New Zealand's loyalty program after travelling on Air NZ to the states a few years ago and have something like 250 airpoint dollars (most of my travel has been with Oneworld airlines). Should i put my points from my Singapore Airlines flights onto my Air NZ account or open up a Krisflyer account?

I fly most regularly to the USA but will also be travelling to Europe in the next couple of years. Should I open up a Mileage Plus? Krisflyer? or stick with Airpoints???? what's the best value?



Active Member
Jan 29, 2005
Welcome to AFF bboy. I'm short of time now (as had to reprimand a post padder) but have a look at the LH and BD programs. They have excellent accrual rates for first class travel. If you provide some more details, I and others can help more. Sorry, got to run...


Active Member
Jan 29, 2005
bboy said:
what's the best value?
Depends what you mean by best value.

For example, if you're interested in earning status quickly i.e. Star Alliance Gold, then Canada's Aeroplan needs only 35,000miles. But you may get there quicker using BD's (or NZ's) FFP due to their high premium cabin bonuses (for BD; 200% F bonus and 100% D bonus except SQ). You just need to sit down and do the math.

If you're flying a lot this year and want longer status, then consider other programs. For example, NH gives you the option to apply for a SuperFlyers card after you get 50,000 NH q points. This SFs card comes with *A gold membership, so as long as you keep the card active you can technically get lifetime status (of course, rules can change).

Or qualify for 80,000 miles in TGs FFP over 2 years & spread your status chase. Or if you're worried about expiring miles, then OZs FFP has status for 3 years once you fly 100K with no mile expiration.

Or if it's award redemption that represents best value to you, then UA's FFP is probably the best, with intra Aust/ NZ award flights at 30,000 & 40,000 miles for business/ first awards respectively.

But from what little you've written, and assuming you usually fly in business or first, then SQ's program may be the choice. The reason is they allow "double dipping" meaning one can allocate SCs to their SQ PPS account, while banking miles to another program.

As you can see there are lots of factors to consider before making a decision. The absolutely best resource you can check first is BlondeBombers *A Gold Comparison Chart here:

After that, do a search on Flyertalk and here for "star alliance". You should then be armed with all the relevant information to make an intelligent decision.


Jul 1, 2002
My Map
If you're flying J or F on SQ, join krisflyer ... it won't cost you anything, and regardless of where you put your miles you'll accrue elite status (PPS Club) on SQ.

I credit my Y miles when flying SQ to Krisflyer (I know others who send them to UA's program) but my J miles when flying SQ go to Air NZ Airpoints as they have a relatively generous earn rate (F return to SIN gets 450 Airbucks, your other flights will should add another 135). I can't comment on BD or LH, as really only examined the programs for airlines flying to/from Australia.
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Kiwi Flyer

Senior Member
Sep 24, 2004
Definitely sign up for Kris Flyer. Even if you credit miles to other program you still earn PPS credits (can only be earned by flying SQ in first or business).

F SIN-PEK = 3 sectors, C HAN-SIN = 1.25 sectors, F SIN-MEL = 3 sectors

So your trip earns 7.25 sectors. You need 25 sectors within 12 months to qualify for PPS.

Crediting to NZ airpoints you will earn 80 for SIN-PEK, 55 for HAN-SIN and 225 for SIN-MEL. Total 360 airbucks. This is almost enough to earn silver status for the first time (400 airbucks).

On Kris Flyer you would earn 4184 miles SIN-PEK, 1708 miles HAN-SIN, 5628 miles SIN-MEL. Total 11520 miles. This is not even half the amount needed to earn silver status (25000 miles).

There are pros and cons with all FFPs. Assuming you will fly at least some longhaul on star alliance then it is worthwhile trying to get some status, particularly *Gold if possible (this gives extra baggage allowance, priority tags, lounge access, priority check in, priority waitlist, etc).

If you're travelling mostly in first and business then the following FFPs credit at high rates in these classes

Lufthansa Miles and More

Pros - 200% business, 300% first (+25% status bonus once *Silver), status lasts 2 years and requalify either calendar year
Cons - 100k miles for *G (at least class of service and status bonuses count toward status), awards to europe can be expensive depending on routing

Bmi Diamond Club

Pros - 200% business, 300% first (except SQ is 200%), lower qualification requirement, good value awards
Cons - once qualify for *S slate wipes clean and start again to attain *G

Air NZ Airpoints

Pros - earning multiples for business and first generally 200-400%, higher earning if flying all Air NZ itineraries, 10% less to requalify
Cons - awards more expensive than Bmi and award cost is based on summing up for each flight

If you will travel a lot on United also consider Mileage Plus. Once elite you get good bonuses - but only for flying United. The class of service bonus is much lower than any of the above FFPs. Mileage Plus has very cheap awards.

There's lots of info on Flyertalk. I also have a spreadsheet I use to compare several programs where you can plug in routings and see earn/burn rates.


Nov 26, 2004
I am BD Gold and think its great. The accrual rates in Frist and Busienss are fantastic and there is a monthly bonus of 25% addtional miles (towards redemption not status) when Gold.

Also, when redemming the Aus ZOne covers Aus, NZ and South PAcific all for 30,000 miles. so Perth to Tahiti via Auckland is only 30,000 miles. An unsung hero of FF programs.

Agree that once you get to Gold (which is 54,000 miles) to retain is quite easy, only 38,000 miles.
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