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Dec 3, 2006
On a recent DJ flight, I was allocated seat 17a, I changed it to what has become my preferred seat, and that is 24c (737-700), or 30c (737-800)....yes the back row!!

At check in, I was asked if I would like to be upgraded to Blue Zone with more leg room. I thought, why not. I was not told what the seat was, and it was not until I walked away and looked at the bp that I noticed I was now in seat 1c on a 737-800.

Beauty I thought... I was wrong.

- Getting on, I ended up standing up near the flightdeck door until all had boarded. I think I was hit by every person that got on.
- Service cart bumped me almost every time
- FA bumped me each time they walked by
-px bumped me when going to the toilet
- The arm rests don't go up

Anyway, I was appreciative of the upgrade, but will have to question what seat the upgrade will be to if asked again in the future.

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Not open for further replies.