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Best Options with QFF & Credit Card

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Feb 15, 2007

I will be doing approx. 26 flights a year with Qantas

These would be return flights Adelaide-Perth-Karatha

With the experience you people have and the short time frame I have, I wanted some recommendations on the best credit card and program to join to make maximum use of these flights
Credit cards which earn frequent flyer points is a popular way to earn frequent flyer points. You can receive thousands of points on everyday spend. And, many of these cards offer generous signup bonuses! Compare to find the credit card that best suits your needs.

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Jul 13, 2006
I assume this is for business...

If so if you can pay for the flights on YOUR card....if you are an employee and then get reimbursed.

If they are paid on your employers card it will not do you any good.

If you are a conultant/contractor...the same applies.

You can get a QANTAS Premium Amex fee free for a year at present (see other strings)...to save $195 and earn 17500 points plus 2 QC.Invitations...as a great head start with one booked flight....

With this card every $ on QF spend will earn you 2.25 QFF points. and 1.25 for non-QF spend. You acn geta QANTAS Platinum as well,,,,but it costs up front with less bonus....but with an earn rate of an extra )0.25

Or you can get an AMEX Maximiser..and earn points at 1.5...which are held at Amex and can be used for various programs besides QFF.

You have not said what type of flights......if not the cheap ones you should should consider joining the AA program even though you will fly QANTAS...see the AA string...there is heaps there on this. IF you fly enough on QULIFYING flights then AA is good due to better flight redemption rates.

There is not one right solution...you will have to work out what is best for you.......ie how do you want to spend your points?? On upgrades..on flying awards..and if yes where too.

If you are not yet a QFF member...you can get an EARTH CC afor $40 odd ...and receive a QFF membership worth $82.50.

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