Best hotel/motel options for USA?

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May 30, 2013
Hi All,

I'm currently planning a family holiday to the States next June/July.

As we will be gone for 3 weeks, I want to make sure we are getting the best deal on hotels/motels.

Any advice would be appreciated thanks.

Cities most likely staying in are New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC and LA.

We want to be able to stay in a chain preferably so that we can earn points, receive discounts and know what we are getting essentially, as we have a group of 5 (Parents, Wife, and brother) and want to keep the costs down as they will quickly add up. Currently I'm an advantage plus member however could get Hiltons Awards Gold status with one of my credit cards, however we are probably looking more around the USD $100-120 per room per night.



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Nov 5, 2010
MVP is a Hilton promotional rate (it's basically a club that you join). AAA is American Automobile Association (think RACQ, NRMA).
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Oct 18, 2005
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I've just come back from a (nother) Route 66 trip. was my goto site. I'd finish up a day's drive, have dinner and a drink and then work out roughly where I'd pull up the next day, bearing in mind the things I wanted to see, who I had to see, the condition of the road and so on. Almost impossible to plan it all months out, but unless I struck a festival day or something, I'd be able to find something reasonable in my price range. I splurged in St Louis with a view of the Arch and in Springfield (IL) I slummed it ten minutes walk from the town centre.

Or you can go for a chain if you have a loyalty card. Hyatt Place is my base in Fort Worth, right beside the Stockyards and waddling distance from Riscky's.


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Jul 6, 2010
Let me broaden my response and say Hilton Family properties.

Any NYC hotel in the price range is going to be a challenge, certainly not guaranteed, but not impossible. Last June / July I stayed at Home2 Suites Long Island City for $80 a night. Homewood Suites in Manhattan for $120 a night. Both of these were new hotels and they provide some great opportunities. The HGI Central Park South was going for around $110 per night earlier in the year. Previously I've stayed at the Conrad New York for $120 a night.

The HGI Long Island City (one subway stop from Bloomingdales) is opening in the next few months and no doubt will have some heavily discounted rates. Anything is possible if you're prepared to put in the time. A tool like Stay Angel would be useful.

In other cities I've stayed for sub $120 (most sub $90 USD) per night in most cities including HGI El Segundo (LAX area with free parking), Hilton San Francisco Financial District, Elara Las Vegas, Hilton Lake Buena Vista (Disney World) and Capital Hilton DC.

While nothing is guaranteed, from my experience if Hilton Gold you would get the benefits (including Breakfast) for all rooms you book but YMMV.


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Jul 4, 2002
If you go for a chain Hilton would probably be best as they do have Hampton's ans HGIs that are usually more reasonable in price.However in those major city centres you are unlikely to get those prices.
What we have done in the past is to stay out of the city but close to a metro/subway station.In DC these places are closer to the airports than those in the CBD.
To the west of DC you can get a Hilton for sub $100.Next May we are staying at a Sheraton at Tyson's corner for ~$50.However will be dearer in June/july as summer holidays starting.
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