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Question Best FF program(s) to use for AU-CAN-EU-CAN-AU trip ?


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Mar 17, 2015

My Mum's booked a trip in late July/August and I'm trying to figure out what if any FF she should try to credit against.

Her outbound leg is flying Air Canada between MEL and YVR and onto YYZ. Wish I'd known in advance as I might have booked her on VA metal for part of it (as that would at least earn SC that could be family pooled.. sigh, oh well). She's flying them back as well.

In between she's flying on Air Transat (no FF program I can find?), TAP and Air Europa - which seem to be either star alliance or Skyteam..

She has no status - so I was trying to work out if i just get her to use Velocity on the AC legs and nothing on the other ones.. or figure out some Star Alliance program I could sign her up for that would end up with her having some kind of status or use for down the track..

Anyone got any advice ? It wasn't a big deal but just trying to avoid 'losing' any free miles if there was a way to use them in some fashion (SQ Krisflyer miles ?). I don't think she can end up with any kind of useful status out of it and almost nothing that ties back to Velocity sadly.




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Aug 21, 2011
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You cannot earn Velocity points/status credits for Air Canada flights unless booked on the VA code.

I'd probably look at crediting the Air Canada and TAP flights to KrisFlyer (and then transferring the points to Velocity... or not).


AFF Supporter
Feb 9, 2014
Putting to SQ all the way, let it amass, then once more than 5k in her SQ KF account, transfer it to her VFF, easy to set up, and then family transfer the points to you.
As we all know, she will loose some value in the transfer of points from KF to VFF, about 35% loss, 65% stays, 1.55:1 meaning you need more KF and get less VFF points.
The SQ SC not sure what their exact name is, PPS value, stays with her KF account, and does not transfer to her VFF account or to you.
Anyway, the PPS value earnt in Y is quite low.
Don't think you will gain any SCs from this odyssey.


Feb 22, 2015
Even with a VA codeshare on air canada I think you only earn points not SC. Also, Economy does not count towards PPS on KrisFlyer which is only earned with biz/first class travel and then only on Singapore metal (or Silk air). You would earn miles towards KF silver though.

As you said tho it is unlikely to net her any significant way towards gold status which is where it’s at. KF elite silver is 25k miles and doesn’t get you much. For the points though if you do want them in velocity then as poochie said as long as she earns enough to get 5k in KrisFlyer then she could transfer them to velocity. There are often 500 mile bonuses for signing up for KF which would cut the number of pts she’d need to earn to reach the 5k threshold slightly (you’d need to check her fare classes to see what rate they earn at and ensure they actually earn anything with the program).

If she was going to be doing more star alliance flying in the next year or so then maybe Asiana but again check the fare brackets as some will not earn at all with certain programs or earn at 0.5miles in one star alliance program and 1 mile in another program. If she could get to 50k miles in star alliance travel in 2y then it gives her 2yrs of star gold status if she were to credit to Asiana


Junior Member
Mar 17, 2015
Thanks folks. I'll most likely sign her up for SQ KF, credit to there and follow the advice to move over once it reaches 5k (assuming it does..). I did a bit of hunting around but it got complicated pretty quick due to all the carriers she's booked on. For the record, Mum's flights were:

then YYZ to MAD, then MAD to OPO (?), then OPO to LIS (?) (I'm just making codes up now as I can't be arsed looking up each airport since I have no idea what the EU ones are.. ) and eventually LIS back to YYZ, and YVR and MEL.

It's a fair number of miles for her (in actual flying) but as it's all discount economy or budget carriers.. not much earn. Still wish I had a chance to book her MEL trip on VA metal instead as at least that would have had some SC earn.. but she's also not at all happy to fly through the US.. and much happier to skip LAX and fly into YYZ instead so..

Also thanks for the tip that points out you don't actually earn VFF points on an AC flight unless it's booked as a VA flight (even if it turned out to be a codeshare.. ) darn!

With VA ending the alliance with AirNZ i was really hoping they would do more work with AC on points and SC.. we'd be pretty happy to fly AC to Vancouver if there was a chance of avoiding LAX (which my missus hates.. and I don't mind....) - but hard to justify AC for anything when there's no SC earn.

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