Best ANZ card (not for QF points) ?

Discussion in 'ANZ Credit Card Rewards' started by Guest, May 21, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My ANZ Gold (frequent flyer card) renewal is coming up next month and I think it's time to actually make a change...

    whats the best ANZ card? I figure it's easier to change cards within the instituion than try and obtain new credit elsewhere.

    Does anyone have experience with the ANZ GOLD (the one with the cool chip on it) and the comprehensive overseas travel/medical insurance and the auto assist? Worth it?

    I figure ANZ is out of the points race so it's time to look for other benefits.


  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    49 views and zero replies? come on!
  3. johnsmith

    johnsmith Member

    Dec 5, 2004
    The auto assist seems to be good, very similar to RAC cover which costs around $60 per year. If you have a new car would you really use this. I would apply for a Woolworths Ezy MasterCard $39 annual fee. Has anyone ever made a claim with free credit card travel insurance? I would guess that it does not cover much but it would be interesting to know.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    well i just switched over, hardly use that card anymore anyway. The anz gold yearly fee is far less than the FFgold card and I was told that I'd be refunded the pro-rated amount.

    So...heres a nice trick if you really want to get away from ANZ:
    Call up and threaten to cancel your current card..if the annual fee is due soon, they will offer to waive it. Accept their offer and change your card to their low interest card (lowest annual fee)

    Call back 3 months later and *Really* cancel the card... you should get a check for approx $100 (based on QF FFGOLD annual fee -> lowest card they have)

  5. danielh

    danielh Member

    Dec 5, 2003
    Well all my main card is the ANZ Diners card and the backup is the QFF ANZ Visa Gold.

    I also don't like the annual fee for the gold and have been umming and ahhing about downgrading it to the standard one.

    Ever since they dropped all the nice benefits for the gold card (please see rants at...


    and )

    ...I have been looking around for another alternative but it is pretty hard to do.

    So far I've been keeping the gold only because I've grown irrationally attached to it and I will have to depend on it again when/if I get rid of my ANZ Diners Card (I will get rid of it as soon as Diners Card refuses me 2 points for $1).

    [2 for 1 saga in ]

    What sort of features do you want with an ANZ card? Do you have a home loan with ANZ? Do you want low interest rates? Do you just want the medical and car benefits?

    Well it looks like you got the type of card you want. I think I'll try to ANZ cancellation 'trick' soon as well and see what happens. :)


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