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Discussion in 'Qantas Frequent Flyer Program' started by DontGetMeStarted, Mar 28, 2005.

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  1. First time poster ... Looking at using FF points for Business Class seats either April or May 2006 (have 300,00 plus each) Proposed is Melb, HK (no stayover), HK to Rome, Rome to London, London to New York - NY - LA - Melb. Would have liked to have done New York - Honolulu but doubt that we would get business class seats back to Melbourne. Want to do this booking prior to May 25...Would appreciate any advice or tips. Qantas have suggested booking in May for outward journey and then slot in some dummy dates and pay the 2500 penalty for changeover.

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    Be aware that if the ticket needs to be re-issued after May 25th, they will also recalculate the points requried based on the prevailing rules at the time of re-issue. As far as I can determine, a date/time change without changing the routing does not require a re-issue, but you might like to verify that with Qantas.

    Also note that this is a OneWorld Award and hence has some specific rules. One of these rules that is important to understand is that you may not make any changes to any flights once you have started the journey. That means you should ensure you have appropriate travel insurance that will cover you if you miss a flight for any reason.

    Availability for business class seats can be hard, but having Platinum FF status helps if you need them to find you a seat that does not exist. rememeber to try all sorts of different routing, but remember that once you select a routing you do not want to change it after May 25th or you will require the ticket to be re-issued and that means new points calculation.

    If you want this issued under the current pre-May points calculations, then you must have the ticket issued prior to May 25th, not just have the reservations made.
  3. Freq Flyer Points for Bus Class Travel

    Thanks for the response and advice, am only a bronze FF so this does not look like being an easy task will let you know how I go.

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