BA Syd-Lhr 1/12-31/1 J $5950+$368, F $8950+$368

Discussion in 'Cheap International Airfares' started by Mal, Oct 7, 2005.

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    If you're travelling from Sydney to London between 1 December 2005 and
    31 January 2006, make sure you book a British Airways Club World
    business class or FIRST ticket on your MasterCard before 31 October 2005.

    Fares start from $5950* (plus taxes $368) for travel in Club World, and
    $8,950* (plus taxes $368) for travel in FIRST.
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    To book your flight, simply use your MasterCard and:

    Call British Airways on 1300 362 675

    See your licensed or AFTA travel agent

    Or go to and save a further $100

    Terms and Conditions: Airfares are valid on British Airways operated
    flights (BA10/9/15/16) from Sydney to London. Prices are correct as at 23
    September 2005, but may fluctuate due to changes in surcharges, fees
    and taxes. Airfares are on sale from 1/10/2005 to 31/10/2005 for
    departures 1/12/2005 to 31/1/2006. Airfares include one return side trip from
    London to Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, and Newcastle.
    Advertised airfare must be ticketed within 7 days of booking being made or by
    31/10/2005, whichever is earlier. Airfares are subject to availability,
    not transferable, seats are limited and flight/routing restrictions and
    cancellation fees may apply.

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