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Australia Post Travel Sim

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Nov 10, 2013
I got one of these for a recent trip overseas, and boy do I regret the $49.95 I forked out. Without going into details, be sure you read reviews on this item before buying.

Worked ok in OZ for a test, but try using overseas ayayayay.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can forward calls from your original phone number in OZ for which they give you yet another mobile number to use in the call forward section of your phone (in my case iphone), it will in theory forward calls to your new sim wherever you may be in the world. Apparently this is because Travel Sim operate out of Estonia when I queried why this was so.
Needless to say, for me this was an epic fail.

Also the App that comes with it is buggy as.

Comes with a free app
Call forwarding from your original number to the new Sim.

Pricey but does come with $20 pre installed(which you will quickly use testing the damn thing)
The App is buggy,
The phone system operates out of a foreign exchange.
For the better part they made things as difficult as they could to set it up.
Unreliable to say the least.

and that is my review lol
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