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    Hi Guys,

    Just wondering anyone out here in Australia collects asis miles? I am thinking to go down this route after I use up all my Virgin Flying Club miles. I have an AMEX Platinum EDGE credit card which I do 1:1 for Flying club at the moment. I also have a westpac altitude gold visa and amex which primarily used VISA for things which I can't pay with AMEX. I haven't redeemed the points yet I have approx 20000 altitude points at present. So thinking if I do go with asiamiles I wll do that.

    Asiamiles looks like it has great burn rates but not so great earn rate.

    What are your opinions? :) Should I go for another FF program? MH, SQ ? or something else? I don't purchase tickets often to travel mainly I redeem for tickets, so I don't need status. I will try and redeem for J class if possible...or premium economy if available.

    Also do asia miles expire after 3 years? I like flying club because they don't expire as long as you have account activity...I don't think there are many programs like this?

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  2. kamchatsky

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    Mar 8, 2006
    Somewhere in Sydney
    Where are you planning to redeem? If you plan to go to HKG a lot this would make sense. However, given that the conversion rate from Amex MR to Asia Miles is 4:3, it means you need 60000 MR points -> 45000 AM for say SYD-HKG Y ticket, or 120000 MR points -> 80000 AM for SYD-HKG J ticket.

    For Virgin Atlantic it is 1:1 so you only need 80000 MR points -> 80000 FC for SYD-HKG J ticket.

    I am one of those people hopeful that Amex will change their redemption rate to CX to 1:1.
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    That is correct. Miles expire 3 years after you earn them, unless you choose to pay astronomical rates to extend their validity.

    I think the main question you want to ask yourself (or I am asking you), is who you fly most with? While AsiaMiles does have a few Asian carriers, it’s mostly OneWorld airlines. And if you’re looking to also gain status, you’ll need to fork out USD$50 for marco Polo Club (Cathay Pacific’s FFP, which uses your AsiaMiles number).
  4. k3nnis

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Thanks guys for the info. I will mainly fly to asia, SYD-HKG or BKK, SIN, KUL, NRT. Maybe LAX. I am based in SYD. Also I had a thought I won't be flying much revenue, so mainly on reward points from credit cards etc. If this is the case then I guess it don't matter when AM miles expire etc as I will only transfer from my credit card when required?

    Have you guys ever redeemed using AM on CX J or QF J? Is it hard to get?

  5. auriga

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    Nov 6, 2005
    SYD to HKG J awards on CX often do not get released until quite late, maybe a few weeks prior to travel. Not so good if you like to plan way ahead.

  6. k3nnis

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Yeah that won't be good. So maybe I best use AM to redeem for QF for SYD-HKG-SYD in J or maybe in Premium Economy? Is it easy to plan ahead with QF awards?
  7. Timtammi

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    I currently have an asia miles point award request in for late August for J CX flights MEL-FCO via HKG. Still on waitlist a month after the request went in. Expect them to be on waitlist for quite some time yet although flight is currently like a ghost town. :(
    As others have said problem with this approach is that if they don't come through I have very little time to book something else and will probably have to pay over the odds or fly Y :(


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