Are you thinking of deferring non-essential travel to the UK/US?

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Jul 8, 2006
Have the increased alert levels, carry-on baggage restrictions and security measures for flights out of or through the UK and to the US caused anyone to consider deferring non-essential (eg leisure) travel to the UK or the US?

We have a DONE4 scheduled for September/October which will take us into and out of LHR about four times, plus five sectors within the US, and as we will be unable to carry-on toys for our 7 month old daughter to play with not to mention the terrorist threat that still remains, we are considering delaying our journey.

I understand that those of us who must travel for business may not have this decision to make, but I would be interested to hear opinions from others on this forum about their leisure travel plans.
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Kiwi Flyer

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Sep 24, 2004
I'm in similar situation. DONE5 (and other tickets) with multiple transits through LHR and many flights to, from and within US.

While I am keeping an eye on things, I do not envisage cancelling or changing my itinerary. I do not think there is any real safety risk. There is much more chance of being in an accident on the way to the airport (or to work) than on a flight. The risk hasn't gone up just because an alleged plot was uncovered last week.

The carry on restrictions are changing quite frequently, and I expect several more changes before my trip (also Sept/Oct). The current restrictions are on liquids and gels, and for travel from UK on quantity (1 piece per person) and size (quite small - backpack size). In the unlikely event this is unchanged by the time of my trip I will have to change what I bring and make some special arrangements to ensure as well as possible my baggage makes some tight connections - but it does appear to be manageable for me at this point. (If there was zero carry on like at the weekend that would have been much more challenging).


Dec 25, 2004
Nothing is changing for me traveling wise.

Still heading over to the U.S shortly, still planning on heading back August next year. Maybe a trip via LHR in the first 1/2 of the year.

(blend of work related and personal travel, but the work related travel is entirely optional - conferences etc).

I have a fairly simple philosophy - "When my time is up, it's up". If I happen to be on a plane that is targeted, then there is nothing I can do about the situation. As morbid as it may be, I think I have a higher chance of being in an accident, serious crime or have health complications than be a terrorism target.

When we stop traveling, their job is complete. Why should I ruin my plans for something that most likely won't eventuate?

I realise things may be different for other people.

As for the carry-on stuff, I think we'll see the current carryon limits kept for a while ex-UK and maybe made more permanently. Watch the situation closely - it does seem to change every few days.


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Jul 21, 2004
I agree with Mal's philosophy. Nothing would stop me from travelling except lack of funds. However, I do prefer to go carry on only with no checked bags if possible except on the return flight when I will have all the shopping so need full use of checked bags.
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