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AMEX platinum

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Jul 9, 2007
Hi everyone, this is probably a quenstion for those with amex Platinum charge card (the one with the annual fee of AUD$900).

Are the companion or special fares offered by them any good? There are several credit cards that offer "discount companion" fares and specially negotiated fares for first/business class, but they seem to be a discount from the published rate, which cam often be more expensive than whaat the general public can get anyway from their TA.

When i was in NZ, they were offering companion airfares from Auckland to London via MAS for NZ$3999 per person. That's for both the 1st and 2nd traveller. Pretty cheap i thought. That was 2 years ago tho.

If AMEX platinum charge over here has similar offers for their list of airlines, then i'd consider taking it up. That would be the ONLY reason i'd take it up.
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Not open for further replies.