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Am 10 SC off from making VA PS, and its more than a day since the flight, am at 225

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Feb 9, 2014
And the VA VR system does not yet want to add on my 10 x 2 SCs to make it to 245. Took the SR on this past Sat (14 Jun).
A few weeks back, I was at 185 SC, and 40 SC were added hours after the flight.
Is it just me, or is that the closer a person gets to PS, SG, or WP, the slower the processing gets of adding SC onto member accounts?
Hopefully I can get the 20 SC asap, and then have a booking done, then flight, meaning it will then be 255 VA SCs.
Yeah, PS means not a lot, but must be nice to have a different coloured card come in the mail.
Paws crossed that the 20 + 10 add on to 225 soon, before my 12 months of activity rolls off, and I loose the SC gains at the begining of the 12 months!
The 20 SCs are SaverLites, and my VA # was on the linked PNR info.
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Not open for further replies.