Air Asia Sale - Buy more and save to 30 Nov

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Aug 10, 2006
See Below.
As a single I actually hate buy more sales as it screams 'single person penalty' pay more.
Then if you do have a family/tribe, there is usually one who gets sick, causes dates to vary, then the punter gets stuck with FIVE variation fees - the cost of changing plans tax - and Air Asia really slugs you.
MH should , (and still can) match this excellent idea. I reckon AirAsia has ESP and did this to put the boot into old MH. Note only off base fares, so the discount is not as much when you click through.
Buy more & save more to stack up the savings now! For one week only, you can save up to 50%* off base fares to a range of great destinations for selected travel dates from now until 30 November 2014.
Kuala Lumpur, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and China are all available. Choose your destination and your number of passengers, and find the dates where the fares are being slashed. The more passengers you book, the bigger the savings!
So build a crew and stack up the savings now.

Book for:

1 passenger & receive 20%* off

2 passengers & receive 30%* off

3 passengers & receive 40%* off

4 or more passengers & receive 50%* off

Travel from 15 Sep - 30 Nov 2014
We've Increased Our Flying to 30 Destinations Across Australia. Book With Us Today. Change Your Flight, Fee-Free and As Often As You Like for Travel up to 30 Apr 22*. Contactless Check-in. Special Safety Protocols. New Cleaning Practices. Online Check-in.

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