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Australian FF AFF iOS and Android Apps Update

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Jun 18, 2002
As many of you will be aware we have been using a white label version of Tapatalk for our iOS and Android Apps since May 2010. Notwithstanding a few minor issues we have been pretty satisfied with the product and know that many of our members use the Apps daily.

Back in 2010, Tapatalk was a small company that was responsive to the needs of their customers. They had a great product, and their primary revenue model was to provide this product to forums such as AFF for a set fee. Then about a year ago, things started to change. They received investor funding and I suspect their business model has changed. They are now “enhancing” their product with features that are more suited to their business, rather than to the individual forums which use Tapatalk. And – more importantly – they have removed some features that we use. As a result we have stopped updating our Apps with their latest releases. We have also removed the App from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, so they can no longer be downloaded.

If you have already downloaded the App, we will continue to support the current version for as long as we can. I’m hoping that we will find a suitable alternative.

In the meantime, you can still use the current version of the Apps. Our GOLD members can also use the improved Mobile version of AFF. Simply change the selection box found near the bottom left of the screen from “PC Mode” to “Mobile Mode” when you are browsing AFF on your handheld device. See image below.

************* Added Note **************************
While we are seeking an alternative, we have decided to make the existing Apps available for downloading again. You can find the iOS App HERE and the Android App HERE. Continue to use and enjoy, but please realise that they will be "enhanced" at some point.

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