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Tanja Hill

Jul 30, 2016
I need your help please with confirmation of a flight booked over the phone on 5th May 2022 and again on 18th May 2022.

Not an easy process. I have been on the phone to no fewer than nine (9) yes nine (9) Qantas reps in South Africa and logged over 22 hours having had no success due to calls being dropped and no returned to calls etc so I am not only very nervous but extremely keen to finally have my flight taken care of as 1) it is to see my dying father 2) I am on disability with a disease that flares up with stress.

On 18th May, Athi was the third rep I had been on the phone to that day trying to confirm payment for my flight to Europe which I had initially made and paid for to a QF rep on on 5th May 2022 having spent three (3) days trying to book the ticket on line and with various Qantas telephone reps in South Africa.

My Itinerary was sent to me by email on Thursday 5th May 2022 (see below) following booking and paying for it
but for some reason having discovered that payment made by travel voucher and credit card weren’t debited I called to try and work out why.

On 18th May 2022 between 08:31 and 10:21 Athi, a QF telephone rep from South Africa assured me that everything had indeed gone through and that I would receive an email within 24 - 78 hours however I still haven’t seen anything appear on my app nor have I received anything by email either.

I really hope that someone can help Tanja



Sep 28, 2016
sorry to hear about your experience, unfortunately I've gone through similar frustrations with this rubbish airline including a "lost" $2800 payment. I struggle to understand how incompetent/poorly trained the call centre staff are.
If you received your itinerary/e-ticket I assume everything should be ok? other more experienced members may be able to offer better advice


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May 17, 2006
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What is the full route?
When is the departure?
Asked your credit card provider "paid for to a QF rep on on 5th May 2022" and "payment made by travel voucher and credit card weren’t debited"