Advice needed on overseas trips

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by South_aussie82, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. South_aussie82

    Feb 9, 2006
    Hi guys

    This website is great, and hopefully you guys might be able to help me with my needs.

    I'm planning a "round the world" trip in April. I live in Adelaide, and want to go to Los Angeles (doing a Contiki from LA to San Fran), San Fran to New York, New York to Miami, Miami to London, London to Hong Kong/Singapore (or anywhere in Asia), Hong Kong/Singapore back to Australia. (I'm a bit flexible with the destinations, depending on what fares I can get, and will probably do some separate airfares in Europe if they are cheaper).

    The problem is - I am travelling with a friend who only wants to go from Adelaide (or Australia) to LA (she will also do the Contiki from LA to San Fran), then she wants to go to New York then back to Adelaide (or Australia).

    We want to be able to travel together, and I was wondering if anyone might be able to help point me in the direction of the cheapest/best flights and with what airlines.

    We are both members of Qantas FF program (not that that really matters) but just need some advice on where we should look.

    I've looked at a couple of the Star Alliance Round the World trips and they look pretty good, but can anyone else provide any advice?

    We want to depart Australia during the week after Easter (any time from April 18-22) and she will head back to Australia after a month in the US. (I will stay away for about a year).

    Anyway, any assistance that people can provide would be greatly appreciated!

    Also, if anyone has advice on who is cheapest to book our fares through, I woudl also appreciate it!

    Thanks guys.

  2. tuapekastar

    tuapekastar Established Member

    Mar 16, 2005
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    Welcome to AFF South_aussie82

    There are people here who know a lot more than me but I'll kick things off, and i imagine there'll be more sage advice to follow this.

    Star Alliance (as you have mentioned) and Oneworld both do RTW (Round The World) tickets with a few variations. I don't know if either is necessarily better than the other (probably depends on your exact requirements) but QF is a member of OW. I know a very moderate amount about OW so I'll stick with that. Someone else can give details re *A.

    I was going to into some detail here but realised I'd just be parroting what is already written here - over at flyertalk. Better if you have a read of that and come back with questions. Just as a guide, the current standard economy fare for low season - LONE4 - (departing Oz before May 27 or thereabouts) OWE is $2,979 + taxes and surcharges. It can be cheaper if booked through AA.

    I believe there are Circle Pacific fares available from Oneworld which would probably suit your friend's travel plans (though a RTW might also suit her). Presume similar available from *A as well.

    I don't know of any reason you couldn't travel together with these 2 different fare types.

    Some details available from

    For anyone taking a OWE trip, it is often recommended, if you do not have status with any airline, to join the American Airlines FF scheme, and take AA Platinum (aka Candy Thief) challenge to fast track to AA Platinum status (equiv to QF gold). However this needs to be completed within three months of the nominated commencement date, and if you're away for a year, depends on your exact plans. The 'burn' rates on AA miles are generally better than on QF points. Also depends on what class you intend to fly (econ, bus, first). More details on AA Plat challenge here -

    Happy reading!
  3. NM


    Aug 27, 2004
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    You proposed routing is pretty basic, and unless you want the extra flexibility of the standard ATW products, I suggest you look into some carrier-specific options.

    For example, QF/BA often have deals that will provide routing to LAX/JFK/LHR/SIN/HKG that are priced well below the OneWorld Explorer fare. What you don't get is the 6 AA domestic flights in the USA and probably some restriction on side trips in Europe.

    With some of the QF/BA options you may also have the option to pay a surcharge for World Traveller Plus seating on the BA flights, and since you will be alone on those flights (eg JFK-LHR, LHR-SIN, SIN-SYD) it will not affect your travelling companion.

    I would not recommend a Circle Pacific fare for your friend. The standard QF or UA round trip fares will be less expensive and all they require is a fare to New York with a stopover in LAX. And if necessary purchase a separate SFO/LAX ticket, but that can probably also be included in the standard fare.

    Once you know the routing you want, the carrier and the fare type, make the bookings. Then call the airlines and request seating pre-allocation in adjacent seats. To do this you will need to provide the airline res agent with the booking reference (get that from the TA).

    If the bookings are not specifically linked, then pre-allocation of seating is generally sufficient, but still arrive early at the airport for checkin just in case there have been any last minute changes (ie an aircraft substitution) that may have you separated.
  4. South_aussie82

    Feb 9, 2006
    Thanks guys...that's a great help.

    I'm going to the Flight Centre travel expo today to check out a few more things as well, so this info will come in really handy.

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