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Discussion in 'Your Questions' started by mhfrench, Jul 23, 2002.

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  1. mhfrench

    mhfrench Newbie

    Jul 23, 2002
    I have just heard of this site and this is my first visit,so far so good. I'm not up with frequent flyers but maybe I should be.Can anyone advise me as to what is the best card or reward progam to be on. I run my own business(farmer),we only use our cards for personal spending at the moment. If I was to use it for most of my business spending the total would be substancial. I'm with the NAB Visa but don't have a problem with getting a card from elsewhere. I know this is probably a hard question to answer but a bit of starting advise would be helpful.I have always been wary of loyalty programs as I believe theres no such thing as a free lunch, tell me I'm wrong. :(
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  2. Rune

    Rune Junior Member

    Jul 22, 2002
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    It all depends on how much you think you'll spend each year, and what you want to use your points for.

    Generally the best use of card reward schemes is QFF miles, but there are a few other options if you don't want to fly. The more rewarding cards typically have higher fees, so you need to balance your annual spend with the cost of holding the card.

    Amex credit cards can be a good option as you get 1QFF mile per dollar spent, $33 rewards program fee, and can avoid annual fees with minimum $4500 spend ($9500 for Gold) per annum. Amex also has bonus partners and pts can be converted to Starwood and other airlines, which can be useful.

    If you have a high spend per annum, fly QF or go overseas a few times, then the Qantas Telstra Visa might be a good option - 2pts per $ overseas and for QF flights. Annual fee is higher (about $70 I think).

    Other good options if you have a higher spend or income may be Diners (airport lounges, flexible program) or Citibank (Gold and Platinum cards have some nice benefits).

    Since Ansett's demise a number of card programs have re-invented themselves (ie Westpac's Altitude), which may also be worth a look if you value the rewards they offer. If you're after QF miles, I'd tend to stick with the Qantas Telstra Visa, or Amex if your spend will not be high.

  3. mhfrench

    mhfrench Newbie

    Jul 23, 2002
    Thanks & a question

    Thanks Jamie for the info. One question ,where do I go for Qantas Telstra Visa. Which bank handles that.
  4. Kazda

    Kazda Intern

    Jul 24, 2002
    The card has now been renamed to QANTAS ANZ visa. It was previously called the Qantas Telstra Visa card but Telstra have just dropped out of the partnership.
    ANZ bank it the bank to head to.
    Here's the link to credit card Jamie talks about. There's the standard version and then the Gold version.

  5. Kazda

    Kazda Intern

    Jul 24, 2002

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