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A Cheeky Pom asking about VWP

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Jul 16, 2006
I've asked this question in the British forums like these but its either been ignored or varying answers have been give. I'm looking for an honest answer and the Aussies I know always give me it "straight up" so to speak so here goes.

I spent a month in the States in June and came back on July 7th. I came on the Visa Waiver Program and did not exceed my 90 days. Obviously as I'm back in the UK now. Now I have booked another trip back to the States flying from Manchester (via Paris) to Detroit Wayne County on August 16th. I am planning on staying the full 90 days this time. I have a return ticket and my travel insurance will run out on my 90th day. Will this be enough to convince the notoriously gruff Immigration Officers at Border Control? And as I'm signing the Visa Waiver I'm waiving my rights to appeal so my life for the next 90 days is in the hands of that particular officer. I have a job at the moment but I'm Temping so I'm not accepting any work for that three months thus have no real proof of ties to the UK. I have Money thanks to savings, overdrafts and my Dad.

Obviously this is really worrying as I didn't even think there was a problem when I booked the flights for August. Its only when I started browsing forums like these that I realised what I had done. I'm not a VWP abuser and this will be my last trip for a very long time. The reason I am staying is to see my Girlfriend should I be honest and mention this to the Officer? Also I have a stutter only made worse when facing stressful situations. So you can imagine what I'll be like talking to the Officer.

If any of you have had similar experiences or can offer me some advice I'll be truly grateful. And I didn't even mention Ashes 2005!
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Dave Noble

Senior Member
Oct 10, 2005
I couldn't see why it would be a problem, though if you are concerned perhaps you might like to apply for a visa rather than enter on the Visa Waiver Programme



Aug 27, 2004
LT Gold
My Map
The Visa Waiver Program permits entry for up to 90 days for the purpose of tourism or business. So long as you meet those requirements there should not be a problem. I have had multiple entries in a 3 months period (at one time spending 2 our of every 4 weeks in the USA), and have never been asked for proof of planned departure date.

They are very strict on you not seeking employment while in the USA. You are likely to be asked about your line of business or company you work for, so be prepared to answer those questions.

Do your research into the VWP requirements to see if visiting a girlfriend is a legitimate entry activity. If it comes up, then make it clear you are not seeking residency while you are there as that may be a breach of the VWP entry criteria.
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