4 weeks and Marriott still havent transferred my miles to QANTAS

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Sep 20, 2011
an ongoing saga (I started a thread in the QANTAS forum as well) ... long story short:
- Bonvoy claim they are 'experiencing issues' with airline transfers
- I have friends who have had no issues with QANTAS transfers
- initally claimed would be done in 7 days
- then advised it would be done by the next week
- finally advised up to 6 weeks!

Eversince the merge of SPG and Marriott, things have gone to poo. I've had to chase every single point (stays not awarding correctly, etc), non-recognition of status, they just can't do anything right. And worse, just don't seem to care.

I am male, and have an unusual name, and am almost always called "Ms" in the correspondence. They can't even get a salutation correct (or spell QANTAS)! What a palaver ...


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