2 SAS emergency landings!!

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Jan 18, 2005
9 Septemeber:
11 passengers taken to hospital after SAS plane makes emergency landing in Denmark

"The right wheel broke when the plane landed," Bruun said. "The right engine caught fire but it was extinguished rapidly by the firemen."

12 September:
SAS plane accident

A plane flying from Copenhagen to Palanga in Lithuania on Wednesday night was diverted to Vilnius after a coughpit warning light was illuminated. The plane's landing gear gave way during its emergency landing, in an incident remarkably similar to Sunday's accident in Ålborg, Denmark.

"It was a similar accident to that in Ålborg, in which the landing gear gave way. I do not have any information about the exact order of events," said Bertil Tenert, information manager for SAS group.

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The accidents both involved Dash 8-Q400 turboprop planes. Other planes of the same model have been taken out of service following the accidents.
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