2 Flight home classic reward question


Junior Member
Jan 27, 2010
Hi guys. just a quick question I'm hoping someone could shed some light on this one. Looking at flying home from Paris in Aug via Japan and found this.

With Japan currently only open to transits, I'm just wondering, when the ticket is issued like this, does the luggage from Paris go straight through to Melbourne?

Or would this be considered a separate ticket, as i can't go and collect my luggage and then re-check them back in (covid). I know its only an hour between the flights, just using the following as an example.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)



Established Member
Aug 14, 2004
Your bags should be checked straight though as on the same ticket. Confirm at check in but I’m 99.9%.

Fact is you wouldn’t have enough time to pick up you bags and re check them with only an hour between flights. In fact your 80 minutes is the minimum I’d accept even if they system allowed 1 hour (usual minimum for most connecting international flights in my experience).

Good luck.

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