15000 pts - Earth Credit Card

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May 15, 2004
The offer of 15,000 pts for applying and using the Earth card inthe August QFF news letter looked too easy.

Found a couple of problems with the application process though.

After completing the applicationt he first time got the message from Westpac "Please be advised that the Credit Card application form is currently experiencing difficulties and is unavailable.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Please try again. "

Ok, no problems, next time I used their option to "save" the application as I went along. No problems until it came time to reopen the saved application and discovered that link didn't work.

On the third attempt from scratch, everything work.

My advice, if you want to apply, wait a couple of days until the traffic reduces.

I do however now know my Drivers Licence number.


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Jun 22, 2007
I'm tempted to sign up for this card - for its 15,000 ff points, 1st year free (which I can cancel within 12 months =) BUT more importantly it's travel insurance and excess car waiver.

The only issue i have is this "you need to make all your flight and hotel bookings on the earth CC" in order to qualify for the travel insurance so if your trip is 10 nights but you only put 9 nights on your CC AND THEN you need to make a claim upon the ins policy, would they decline insurance coverage because 1) you did not make all your purchases on the CC?

I'm considering getting this card in lieu of my current ANZ Gold card which provides both travel insurance and excess car waiver BUT I would only need to spend $250.00 on the ANZ cc to qualify for the insurance coverage.
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