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    IHG Points expiring

    My points are expiring soon, just wondering if someone can guide me to the cheapest redemption so that the rest of the miles are extended for 12 months more
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    Heads up about program changes

    I've been following QF for a long time, somehow their negative changes correlate to their detrimental financial results. Loyalty is hard earnt but easily broken.
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    Qantas Fare Rules when changing ticket from Sale Fare to Full Economy

    I've asked for the fare rules of the tickets and was given this: Previous policy for changes and cancellation. V FARE BASIS BK FARE TRAVEL-TICKET AP MINMAX RTG 1 ORTHK O R 388.00 ES10NV T14NV -/3 -/12M EH01 PASSENGER TYPE-ADT AUTO PRICE-YES...
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    Qantas Fare Rules when changing ticket from Sale Fare to Full Economy

    I have booked a sale fare through Zuji flying Qantas on a sale fare. Due to date changes, I paid a change of fare from the sale fare to full economy (Y). I'm now looking at cancelling this booking, however Zuji is advising that my fare is not refundable. Whilst I am happy to "forfeit" the...
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    Qantas MCA Lounge in Sydney for Platinum One members

    Whilst this will be of no benefit to myself, this is a good initiative for Qantas. I also note that the Ambassador program is tax deductible ;)
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    A Qantas WP1's observations on the Virgin Platinum experience

    Whilst I'm not a WP1 (only approximately 3000sc this year - all economy unfortunately), I too have moved over to Virgin for the next two months to see the other side. I definitely prefer the Virgin 3A seating over the 4A. Also, in four flights, I've been lucky to have been upgraded twice! My...
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    Free flight for those disrupted.

    I wouldn't call any of this "rorting" the system. The offer from Qantas is part of its compensation to passengers. Qantas has disrupted the travel plans of it's customer to benefit it's own actions for the industrial dispute, I don't side with either Qantas or the Unions - both have penalised...
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    5xbonus at BP 'til 31Dec2011[ 31Mar2012 - now closed]

    re: 5xbonus at BP 'til 31Dec2011[ 31Mar2012] Must register your card. Or just use the code bp5x under register for bonus points promotion when you log into membership rewards
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    Upcoming Qantas Frequent Flyer Changes

    Qantas revamps frequent flyer program with new VIP tier Mr Joyce said he was unconcerned with Virgin Australia's plans to poach corporate travellers from Qantas. "We don't have to cling on to the business market," he said. "The business market is very happy to stay with Qantas." The...
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    JetStar Price Guarantee with mandatory Credit Card surcharge

    yes, this is the first time it's happened with me. I advise that Virgin accepted Internet Banking - however, Jetstar requires immediate payment. It's not mentioned in any of Jetstar's price match policies.
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    Double Status Credits 2011

    It's back for 2011! Earn Double Status Credits for Qantas Flights Exciting news! For a limited time, we’re offering you the opportunity to earn DOUBLE STATUS CREDITS* on eligible Qantas International and Domestic flights^. Make the most of this fantastic offer so you can continue to...
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    JetStar Price Guarantee with mandatory Credit Card surcharge

    I've recently done a price match through Jetstar with a Price Guarantee to match the prices from Virgin Australia. In doing this, they've mandatorily applied a $7 per flight, per person credit card surcharge to the reservation. Is this normal?, in the past I've matched Tiger Airways fares...
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    Advice of use of QFF points for AA flights please - complex!

    I few things I noted when I travelled to the USA. Certain domestic sectors can be expensive using cash. So check each leg using websites like You can have rough idea of Qantas AA availability using the website and selecting "Redeem AAdvantage Miles". Qantas generally uses...
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    Platinum "anytime" lounge Access ceases from 1 February 2011

    From my observations, ADL seems to check for your boarding pass as they are still yet to implement NGCI, therefore a boarding pass is mandatory. I usually get into SYD using just the card and use the card to board my flight :cool:
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    QFF Ideas & Suggestions

    I'm not sure if this is true. I was booked on a Qantas FF ticket and the F check-in refused to check me in from SYD-HNL. Do JQi flights allow check-in at the QF premium desks?