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    Ask The Pilot

    So on the topic of video gamers, and engine out procedures; I was flying my 787 the other day and threw a whole heap of birds at it and then watched one of my engines slowly catch fire. Returned and landed.... Forgot to hit the "reverse button" on the keyboard and powered up the remaining...
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    Ask The Pilot

    In relation to the recent CX884 event.... I guess it's prudent to prepare the aircraft for a ditching until you know otherwise, but what would a pilots line in the sand be? Ditching seems a generally bad idea so, assuming you still had lets say 10 minutes or perhaps a bit more until a piece of...
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    CX check in at ADL (with a Qantas award booking)

    Hi everyone, I have a qantas classic award in J coming up, adl/hkg, on CX... Information on the CX site is a little sparse and obviously it's qantas ticketed with only qantas info.... does anyone know what time CX check in closes in ADL for J pax? I think i've found 40 minutes somewhere...
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    Why is there only ever two J seats out of Australia?

    Adelaide's not too bad, both with EK J and F capacity and CX in J.... I just booked HKG/ADL return in J with CX and at the time QF were showing 6 seats each way in J available as a classic award
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    QF29 vs QF127 to HKG, upgrade chances?

    Thanks guys, unfortunately wasted your expertise this time around, CX just released J seats on the date I need adl/hkg so that made the decision a little easier!
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    CX J seat release on SYD-HKG 2 weeks out

    I was having a similar problem ex adl until about an hour ago, CX just released a load of availability mid/late august, probably best to hop on and have a look asap!
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    QF29 vs QF127 to HKG, upgrade chances?

    Hi guys, Travelling 21st August ADL to HKG and can choose between going via Melbourne and catching the 29 to HKG on an A330-300 or via Sydney with the 127 on a 380... Both are similar timings, cost etc, what choice would most likely get me a points upgrade to J from Y ? Cheers Sean
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    MH 777 missing - MH370 media statement

    Maybe you should go straight to GeoReasonance for that DrA, they apparently have it all plus more!
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    Cambodia Angkor Air - Phnom Pen to Siem Reap

    I used them a couple of years ago for that route return and they were fine, planes looked much better kept than the others on the tarmac. They have some tie up with VN and they get their planes and maintenance which made me feel somewhat safer. I did some research like you at the time and found...
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    QF581 diverts to Adl

    Smoke in cabin (unsure if this was visually confirmed). A330 with 220pax declared emergency but landed uneventfully, not sure if it was boarded by emergency crews on tarmac or at terminal.
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    MH 777 missing - MH370 media statement

    Wow, this thread, along with a couple of others has really taken up a lot of my time this week. I've resisted posting and adding to already stated theories and conjecture but I've been a bit irked by the common mention of the word "suicide". It is very, very uncommon for people who commit...
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    Car Hire, LAX June

    mumof2 I actually got a tip from a mate, try which redirects you to a car hire booking service, associated with so is legit, and my mates used them, they search most of the big brands and came up with a far better deal than I could get directly and better than...
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    Car Hire, LAX June

    Yeah, alamo will get me a ford fusion full size for around $1100 (with cdw) for 30 days with a bit of toying with coupons but i thought I could do better than that, especially when I just got a BMW x1 in france for $800 for the same period recently!
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    Car Hire, LAX June

    Hi everyone, I love finding good deals on rentals but have been dissapointed with whats available in june for the month in California. Does anyone have any hot tips/coupons/deals? Preference would be out LAX but anaheim/holywood/santa monica could work Cheers
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    AirNZ To USA From $940

    Thanks QF, excactly what we needed for a ADL/LAX trip in june, $1000 each(ish) with a skybed, awesome!