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Recent content by pbl22

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    The NEW Velocity Status Run Master thread

    IHG benefit does not provide breakfast (or much at all, really, other than late check out and higher points earning).
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    QFF and Award Wallet

    I get the QF SMS repeatedly from AW, but have just learnt to ignore them.
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    Most airports challenge

    Haha - a job like that might have been a better way to finance such travels. Just trying to see as much of this country as I can. As you note, Ive covered most of East Coast, now need to do more on West and interior
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    Most airports challenge

    OK, I've got a few: 183 different airports in total. Top 5 countries: Australia: 58 New Zealand: 28 US: 21 UK: 8 China: 8 If Europe were included, it would be at 26.
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    Lounge access flying Scoot as Vel Gold

    Scoot, like TigerAir, is a LCC - they’re not going to pay for lounge access. Some call centre staff are completely clueless. The Priority Pass Lounges at SIN are not too bad.
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    Plot fastest RTW [some fun]

    And from further memory he tacked on a turnaround to Belfast as well.
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    Final flights for the B767

    Flew my first NZ767 on 31/12/92 CHC-SYD
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    Has anyone had success with the call-up "Marginal" xASA's?

    Yes, mine's an August booking too, so I am not that worried about it - at the moment.
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    Has anyone had success with the call-up "Marginal" xASA's?

    I booked one on Monday that hasn't been ticketed and no ticket number appears on CMT. Yet I booked a couple of paid-for flights yesterday that have been ticketed.
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    What's your shortest turn-around time (INT) ?

    Although the point of this was to requal (so effectively a SC run), the 10hrs in LA were used very productively as a lengthy shopping trip (I actually took an empty suitcase over there and it was completely filled will all manner of Christmas and birthday presents, as well as many clothes for...
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    What's your shortest turn-around time (INT) ?

    I've done a few of these. Last week did AKL-OOL-AKL, with 1hr on the ground at OOL. Last month did AKL-NLK-AKL with 1hr on the ground at NLK. Further afield, have done MIA-AUA-MIA, with a very quick overnight (same plane in/out). Also done AKL-LAX-AKL on the same plane, with about 10hrs at...
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    How much have you flown in 2013?

    Yesterday flew the last of my 188 sectors for the year (which is a record for me). Only did just over 131K miles, though, as many flights were very short domestic NZ flights.
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    [Rumor from QF CSAs] Qantas to bring back online mASA's?

    Red Roo, thanks for your response. That was the number I called (the intl one, as I was ringing from AKL) and the responses I received were as outlined above. I will try again and hopefully it will be third time lucky. I have previously booked a few mASAs over the phone and had no issues.
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    [Rumor from QF CSAs] Qantas to bring back online mASA's?

    Thanks, markis10. I will try again . I might ask specifically for the Premium Desk, but the previous agents haven't sounded so premium to me.
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    [Rumor from QF CSAs] Qantas to bring back online mASA's?

    I have tried to book a CNS-AKL J mASA twice today. In both cases, they told me that a new system has been rolled out today and they have been unable to book it for me. I have been directed to use the Points + Pay option instead. The first guy I got admitted that he doesn't usually sit on the...