Woolworths Online - 2000 QFF Points for $50

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Jan 10, 2012
I signed up for Woolworths Online with my EDR member number about 6 months ago, but didn't do anything with it.

Twice since then I've received a offer "Spend over $50 on your first Woolworths Online order and receive 2000 bonus points".

It seems targeted to those who haven't spent, and seems to repeat every 2-3 months.

I ignored it twice, but now have 2000 points.

1) Signup for WOW Online. Link you EDR number.
2) Don't buy anything.
3) Wait for the promotional 2000 points email.
4) Buy $50 of things you would normally buy. Delivery is about $11, sometimes they have Free delivery weeks etc.
5) Get 2000 points. Plus points on your actual spend. Plus you can pay with Amex for more points (or use WW EMC to double dip)
Not open for further replies.

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