We're doing some minor "spring cleaning" on the forum

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Jun 18, 2002
You may have noticed that a few forums have moved. This post is just a heads-up that we've done a minor tidy-up of the forum today to make it a bit more user-friendly and remove a small number older forums that weren't getting much (or any) activity lately.

We haven't deleted any discussion threads and any threads that were previously located in one of the removed forums has been moved to a more appropriate forum. Any links pointing to moved threads will still work and you'll still get notifications for all threads that you're watching.

As a quick summary, the main changes to the forum include:

  • The "Stock Market, Superannuation & Investing" forum has been merged with "Other Finance Discussion"
  • The "Airbnb" forum was merged with "Other Hotel Discussion" to create the new "Other Hotel & Accommodation Discussion" forum
  • We've closed the "Other Transport Discussion", "Road Trips" and "Telecommuting & Video Conferencing" forums
  • The "Coronavirus (COVID-19)" forum, which has already been closed to new posts for the past year, has been moved to the Archive forum
  • The "Lifestyle" section has been closed. This previously housed forums such as "Home & Family" and "Photography & Cameras". All threads from this section (of which only a few dozen were currently active) have been moved to the "General Off Topic Discussion" forum or other forums where appropriate.
  • The "Food & Cooking" and "Other Travel Resources" forums have been closed, with threads in this forum moved to other appropriate forums.
  • You no longer need to click a "toggle" switch to open the "Community Announcements & Discussion" section
  • We've removed the "Gold Member Offers" prefix, as all of the AFF Gold & Platinum member discounts & benefits can now be found in our Member Lounge :)
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