VoWifi, how I hate thee! Ok, maybe more apt for the tech part, but still, here it will stay, 3g shutdown, Jun 2024 for Telstra

Feb 9, 2014
Why cant modern mobile phones, just be a bit easy as past mobile phone systems were to use.
A lot of the newer mobile phones, now have vowifi, ie voice over wifi.
Muppetry, just have volte as standard, if mobile phone tower service providers want to get rid of 3g, ...
If anyone has a 3g only phone, by mid of this year, you have to upgrade to a phone capable of 4g/5g, but don't get a Huawei as it always sticks to vowifi, and volte is a pain to keep, have to keep restarting phone to get volte to stick.
Maybe the cheap Huawei p40 lite is the problem.
Great if you are at home or at place where they will grant you a wifi password, but not great, if you are on the road, or at a place where you temp at, where you are not granted a wifi password.
Ie, non essential contractor at a work place, where its not in your job description, to know the office/location wifi password.
Huawei phones make it hard, as I have to keep pressing restart, to get volte.
Dont upgrade your phone to Huawei, go with Samsung, where the switch on is alwasy volte, which I prefer.
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You can't buy a Huawei in a store anymore, haven't been able to for years, so no worry there for most.

I have a iPhone 15 PM and a Google Pixel 8 Pro. Both very easy to switch wifi calling off, but yes, by default, wifi calling on.
Stupid of me, I had bought it off ebay, and what I had gotten, is the US version, it looks new, and works, but no google is a pain.
If I turn off wifi calling, or go on the road, the phone the goes to emergency calls only, with x ie, no connection.
If I restart device, it will bring up both my sims, but if I let the phone go to sleep mode, its back to no service, with x signal, and emergency calls only comes up again.
Yep, I noticed too that Officeworks and all the other companies are not selling Huawei anymore.
Well, at least the Samsung A series, is quite cheap, $297 to start, with.
Will look at that one, once the Huawei carks it, pressing restart every times per day, will surely make that button unresponsive in the end.
I bought it as "new". but it could be refurbished "new".
Too troublesome to check the background of the phone, via some apps.
Thanks for both your feedback.
My previous older mobile with Huawei was 3g, so will close in Jun.
Thought all my wishes had come at once, when I saw the item for Usd$195, about Aud$375 at that time.
Part of the issue for Huawei is they got cut off from the Google parts of the Android ecosystem in 2019, and have had to hack and slash away at the parts of Android they do have access, to create their own OS, HarmonyOS.

In all reviews I have seen, it would be considered pretty bad by the Chinese population that it is developed for, and worse for the rest of the world that might not operate the same way China does.

Your phone was released 2020, after the lockout and is Android 10 but without any Google Play services. So it might have been early on in the frankenphone movement but safe to say they had to make some compromises to get it out the door.
If you want a new phone.. this Nokia X30 is pretty good value at $449. Sim + esim. Mid-high end chip, and still 2 more Android upgrades to go. About the only thing missing from a 'feature' phone is wireless charging.


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