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I had the displeasure of being on Virgin Blue Flight DJ875 from Brisbane to
Cairns November 12, 2002. The flight attendants were wholly unprofessional
and on at least two occasions, dangerous to our safety due to their
lackadaisical attitude.

At the start of the flight, the two flight attendants at the front of the
plane (names deleted) spent their time "flirting" with three young men
sitting in the first row. The safety announcement given by them was
punctuated by laughing of the attendant giving the announcement as well as
being unintelligible due to the lack of seriousness taken by the flight

As the flight taxied out, the pilot had to in call these flight attendants
as one of the front doors had not been properly armed or closed. She got up
from the jump seat and completed the procedure while the plane was taxiing

One of the flight attendants (name deleted) in fact made no effort to do any
service during the flight but sat glued to the jump seat flirting and
entertaining these three passengers. Then about an hour into the flight, she
began "face painting" two of these now inebriated young men. What the hell
is going on??? During this 30 minutes of face painting, all of the flight
attendants were at the front of the plane, ignoring completely the balance
of the passengers. I was not amused. Funnily enough, there were children on
the flight who clearly wanted to have their faces painted by the flight
attendants, but they were obviously too busy entertaining these young men to
care about anyone else on the flight.

Both flight attendants also engaged in discussions with these passengers
about the "gay resort" in Cairns, and made no secret of their disgust of the
idea. This was done in full voice in front of a plane load of passengers,
and to the obvious discomfort of many.

At 10:20, the plane began to experience some turbulence and the seat belt
sign was turned on. Name deleted made the required announcement for seat
belts to be fastened, however neither of the flight attendants ever
performed the seat belt check.

At 10:30, with the plane descending and the pilot having made the "we're
landing shortly" announcement, these young men in row one asked for, and
received, another rum and coke drink although other passengers were being
denied any further service. This passenger, in front of these two flight
attendants, continued to drink from this can during the landing, and he
"chugged" the last bit while the flight reversers were still on.

I forwarded this message to both Virgin and the ATSB. The response from the
ATSB has been professional and concerned. Virgin? No response whatsoever.


Jan 2, 2003
Write a Letter

What I do, if I receive lousy service is to send a letter to the customer services manager, and that other person's immediate boss. Include names, dates, times, what happened and why you feel annoyed. Be polite, but firm, you get more of a response from them if you don't slag them off, but point out where their service is lacking. Managers should look at it from the point of view that they can pay consultants from outside a few $100 an hour to tell them the same problems. You're saving them money and doing them a favour in telling them what's wrong. If they have any sense, they'll backpedal, apologise and may even throw you something for free by way of a courtesy. At the least, an apology should be forthcoming, because a good way to really annoy a customer is not to reply to them, and personally, it would make me fly with a competitor.

If a manager writes back and apologises, that's it. That's good enough for me, and I accept it.

BTW, If I receive great service, I still tell the customer services manager, because I'm happy if I receive great service. Anyone can complain, and if someone has tried real hard to make a difference to my day and my flight, I get a letter to their boss, because it can make a difference to someone's career.

"If only you got Virgin Blue service everywhere" :) :D
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