Van Bone,Marion Bay,Tasmania.


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Jul 4, 2002
Mrsdrron heard about this restaurant in the April edition of the Qantas magazine.So she tried to book when she would be down for June and july.They were already booked out for 3 months.
They open bookings 3months out and fortunately to book the first week in November for our wedding anniversary we were both at home and in lockdown. Then looked for somewhere to Stay and chose Stewart Bay lodge at Port Arthur.

The Qantas and new Gourmet Traveller articles on the restaurant.

So the Restaurant and view.
20211106_114426.jpg .
20211106_115420.jpg .
20211106_115425.jpg .

The garden.
20211106_115434.jpg .

And Maria Island.
20211106_121902.jpg .

20211106_115721.jpg .
20211106_115802.jpg .


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Jul 4, 2002
The menu and wine list.
DSC07530.JPG .
DSC07531.JPG .
DSC07532.JPG .
DSC07533.JPG .
DSC07534.JPG .
DSC07535.JPG .
DSC07536.JPG .

And hanging above the wood oven this caught my eye.
DSC07537.JPG .


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Jul 4, 2002
So to the Food. First the salted radish and whipped angasi plus the dutch cream potato with the flavours of the sea.
DSC07539.JPG .

The salt they used is produced fresh each day.A tray of sea water from Marion bay is placed in the smoker at night and the saly obtained the next morning
Then the Bass strait scallop with wakame and lemon.
DSC07538.JPG .

Then followed the Tongala curdy escargot along with the turnip cooked in duck fat with wallaby.
DSC07540.JPG .

The turnip was up there with the best.I have never tasted turnip as good.It was harvested that morning and young.
This was followed by the oyster dish. The oysters come from just down the road.It is served with chilli and tabasco which didn't overwhelm the oyster. Mrsdrron doesn't eat chilli so a replacement for her. On the same plate was the grilled pork jowl.
DSC07542.JPG .
DSC07541.JPG .

Then came their own sourdough with rye which to us made it much more palatable not being sourdough lovers. Served with their cultured butter and sea salt.
DSC07543.JPG .

Then the next set of dishes starting with kolhrabi and sea urchin.Another wonderful dish.
DSC07544.JPG .


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Jul 4, 2002
The dutch cream potatoes made another appearance along with Bay of Fires cheddar.The vegetable dishes are all of high quality and delicious.
DSC07545.JPG .

Then came the Cape Lodi octopus with broad beans.I was looking forward to this dish as I haven't really enjoyed the Tassie octopus dishes I have had.
DSC07546.JPG .

This was the only dish that disappointed me.Better than other Tassie octopus I have had but again chewy.I got very used to greek octopus dishes when at Uni and in our long time in New York also Turkish octopus.i well remember the octopus i had at the Greek restaurant at Cullen Bay.Advertised as hit on the rocks 40 times.
Then the free range Peking duck with endive.
DSC07547.JPG .

I loved it though mrsdrron prefers her duck done a little more.
Then the Sweet dish. Apple,kunzea wilderness honey,Koroneiki olive oil and sour cream.Very refreshing..
DSC07548.JPG .

I forgot to picture the last thing on the menu described as blood,hazelnut,sugar plum.A small Italian style biscuit.A lovely way to finish.

The wine list is very interesting with Tassie wines but several unusual offerings.We shared a bottle of the Apogee pinot gris which is the end I had a glass of the Small Island Wines Ripasso.I really enjoyed it.Not surprising as it is refermented using skins of Shiraz and Dornfelder both of which I like.Well worth seeking out.

Was it worth it. Absolutely. A great way to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.
Service was excellent. Friendly and informative.
I thoroughly recommend Van Bone.

Note though that they don't serve people over 1 and under 18. High chairs are not provided. we agree with this.

When we left the weather had changed as it does frequently in Tasmania.Clouds and mist moving in.
DSC07549.JPG .
DSC07550.JPG .
DSC07551.JPG .
DSC07552.JPG .

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