Unexpected lounge access

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Sep 4, 2011
I know that I'm known for complaining about the lack of VA lounge access at some partner ports (and the constant alliance pushing that goes with it) but thought I'd share a little win, in that I had lounge access in a port that a partner serves but wasn't listed as being available.

Was in BLR this week and asked about lounge access at check-in, expecting to be given the usual "not for you" VA WPs are often given at ports where the airline doesn't manage the lounge itself. Anyway, the manger was called, and presto was given a pass for my EY flight to AUH and onwards to JFK. Had a dhosa, it was grand.

Given I complain so much thought I may share some positive news (and will not relay the rest of the EY experience to keep it positive). Who knew, there may actually be some benefit to flying EY after all!


Jun 13, 2012
Re: Unexpected lounge experience

from all i remember EY grants u access at all ports unlike SQ that obly grants access when they manage the lounge!!
and I hope First class lounge ag AUH was good
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Oct 8, 2012
Re: Unexpected lounge experience

According to the lounge access guide on the VA website, access is available in the Oberoi Lounge when flying Etihad from Bangalore for Gold & Plat Velocity members. Would be nice if SQ would extend the same benefit to partner lounges.
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