The view from my "office"

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Currently staying at an Airbnb in Heerde, in the east of the Netherlands.

Views from and of this office.

We are here to visit my SIL. View from her apartment balcony. IMG_0179.jpeg

There is even a car park at the school on the other side of the road.

And from the rear balcony: social housing on the left and an age care facility on the right.
Heading from Yerevan to Gyumri, the temperature dropped 10 degrees. Wasn't expecting that!

The hotel isn't as bad as it looks ;) It has a great carpark view.
Fantastic hospitality, on arrival they were just finishing a meal so they offered (well.. demanded really 😅) that I join them and eat.

My rolling office to get there. This is the new/fast train.. I dread to see what the old train I'm getting back will be like!
Gyumri, which I moved to for some chill time and something less busy than Yerevan. Great choice, has a nice rural feel to it. I've not been out much as I'm still under the weather, just as well, it's been torrential thunderstorms all day! I've managed to binge watch Masters of the Air, so not all was lost.

Apparently the local barber (where I got my haircut today for £4) is a bit of a tourist attraction 😁
Today we visited Port Issac, home of Doc Martin or as my husband calls him “the doctor who cares”
Very cute village the tide was out, the crab sandwich was delicious as was the scones with jam and cream and Cornwall tea at the local church hall 😘
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LOL it is efficient and resourceful allows you to get items that you cant source within walking distance.

Im out plenty and interact in person with people multiple times a day. For me it is worth going out for a proper barista made coffee, a good meal, to catch up with clients or friends, i do my grocery shop in person because I like to pick my own fruit, veg and meat and not be given stuff that is not what I would choose. (but i use self serve checkout to make sure that eggs or fruit are broken or bruised by someone else packing less carefully than I do).

I know all the staff at my local coffee shop, Chinese and Thai takeaway, hairdresser, nail salon bar staff at the pub where i play Trivia every Wed by their first names; they know my name we chat whilst doing business. How well do you know the small business owners and their staff in your local area?

No one would ever accuse me of being an introvert, or not interacting with people.

Based on your posts, I'm positive I'm out interacting with a wider range of people than you are on a more regular basis. Silly assumption that people who leverage technology to free up time for better things are all introverts hiding away from other people.

As someone who also does a lot of solo travel, I tend to interact more with locals and fellow travelers than people who travel family/friend too.

I've said it before I disagree with this, and don't buy into you simulation theory. Im already living cashless and have seen no downside.

Will you please stop teasing me with your photos Ladas! :)

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Once you get out of Yerevan.. the most common car you'll see ;) Usually driven by old geezers, but I did see a young fella driving one with some new mags on it and a pumping sound system!