SQ212 via ASP and DRW

Jun 28, 2006
Anyone knows why? Repatriation flight?

It was not available for regular sale:

[KVS Tool 9.7.7/Diamond - Operational Info: SQ 212/05 Apr 2020]
                 Planned Flight Info
Segment          Departure  Arrival    Duration
-------          ---------  ---------  --------
SYD-ASP          07:55      10:25      03:00
ASP-DRW          11:25      13:30      02:05
DRW-SIN          14:30      17:20      04:20

Segment          Flight Note
-------          ----------------------------------------------------
                 Traffic Restriction: SEGMENT NOT TO BE DISPLAYED [H]
SYD-ASP          Departure Terminal:  1
DRW-SIN          Arrival Terminal:    2
                 Ticket Type:         E-Ticket [ET]
                 Cabin Configuration: F8 J50 Y226
SYD-ASP          CO2/PAX:             142.33 KG ECO, 142.33 KG PRE
SYD-DRW          CO2/PAX:             279.22 KG ECO, 279.22 KG PRE
SYD-SIN          CO2/PAX:             500.32 KG ECO, 721.42 KG PRE
ASP-DRW          CO2/PAX:             136.89 KG ECO, 136.89 KG PRE
ASP-SIN          CO2/PAX:             357.99 KG ECO, 579.09 KG PRE
DRW-SIN          CO2/PAX:             221.10 KG ECO, 442.20 KG PRE
                 Source:              ICAO Carbon Emissions Calc

Location  Time   Operational Event
--------  -----  -------------------------
SYD       07:33  Left The Gate
SYD       07:50  Took Off
ASP       10:11  Estimated Time Of Arrival
ASP       10:07  Aircraft Landed
ASP       10:15  Arrived
ASP       10:40  Left The Gate
ASP       11:48  Took Off
DRW       13:41  Estimated Time Of Arrival
DRW       13:32  Aircraft Landed
DRW       13:35  Arrived
DRW       14:28  Left The Gate
DRW       14:40  Took Off
SIN       17:20  Estimated Time Of Arrival
SIN       17:11  Aircraft Landed
SIN       17:18  Arrived
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Jul 1, 2002
I expect they had crews to pick up in Alice.

Would seem so, three flights arrived on Sunday morning, presumably taking 772's into storage:


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