Card Promotions Qantas Premium AMEX 75k QFF Points


Established Member
Jun 17, 2016
You used to be able to trigger it by spending over a dollar on carbon offsets at but it looks like that website is down. Might be worth googling to see if there's a replacement for that

Good point. Also, if wanting a lounge pass, presumably that would be accompanied with a flight. If that flight has not been purchased, perhaps the purchase of the carbon offset during the booking process may trigger the spend.

I had a quick scan on Qantas site and saw several items under 10k points, but for me, I'd grab a gift card voucher for $25 for around 4500 points. (I assume points are valid spend)


Junior Member
Nov 9, 2011
Unfortunately I already booked my flight a while back.

I thought you had to use the actual AMEX to count as valid spend. I've found playing cards for $13 including postage on the Qantas website so I think that's the best bet for the two lounge passes.

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