Qantas app trips not syncing


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Oct 30, 2010
I am also an Android user - having the same issue. Updated the app, tried un-install, install again. Trips appear, then disappear and then appear again. Very frustrating particularly when you are being forced to check in with the app.

Even annoying to the point yesterday where I had check in, but it forgot my trip by the time it was boarding, so I had to manually add the PNR again while I was in the boarding queue. They aren't interested in fixing it either
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Mar 26, 2017
The ratings and first page of reviews on the Google Play listing for the app is telling:
View attachment 283809

At least Qantas are aware of the issues and have said they're working on a fix. They've also given out [email protected] as an email address for escalation.
I'm surprised recent 1 star review isn't there as well. I haven't seen a response from the development team, and I haven't tried emailing the support line. I don't think that would help either.

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