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Apr 17, 2010
Flying back to MEL on QF80 ”points plane” this evening. Check in opened at 4.20pm, and there was a sizeable queue already for the business line. The queues were longer than usual because at the same time check in for QF62 to Brisbane opened. I was probably 10th I’m the business queue. Narita also have a queue for Bag Drop and Qantas Club Members which ”merges” with the business queue.

There were 3 premium check in counters, with one taken up with a large family who appeared to be arguing about their being split up. As 10th in the queue it took 40 minutes before I was checked in... but the problem was compounded by the check in agent allowing a few passenger from the QC/Bag Drop queue to push in front of the business queue. One guy complained but it appeared to fall on deaf ears.

I was pleased to be out of there... the remaining business queue was extremely long... longer than the economy queue on the opposite side. It would have been quicker for premium passengers to join the back of the economy queue, I suspect!

Anyhow.... now relaxing in the JAL First Lounge with Champagne... thanks to AFF, I know it‘s a much better option for QF WP’s.
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