Lounge access for PER>MEL>LAX and SFO>LAS

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Jan 21, 2013
I'm travelling to the USA with my partner and daughter in December. Flying QF from PER>MEL>LAX (QF648, QF93) and return LAX>SYD>PER (QF12, QF581) and also SFO>LAS with Virgin, all in economy.

I was looking at buying an Admirals Club 30 day pass. Is this the best option or is there another option available such as a CC with lounge access? My main concern is five hour stopover in MEL and waiting around on return from LAX.

Any advice is appreciated.
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Jan 17, 2011
You'd probably need to buy 2 AA month passess for $99 for you and your partner...

A few credit cards come with just a couple of QF passes and it sounds like you need more than 2 with your stops, the ones with full lounge access can get pretty expensive if you even meet the income requirements....

You can also look to see if you happen to be around airports with AFF members who will be visiting lounges that day, they may be able to guest you in...

But the AA passes sound pretty good to me...
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