Living in the UK, travelling Europe & insurance

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Jan 12, 2010

It's been a while since I've posted (and a trip report lying hideously incomplete :oops:) but I've had a few things happen in my life and tomorrow I'm moving to the UK. I've never been overseas without insurance before, so I am a tad worried with what cover to get, and the costs associated.

I have an annual multi-trip policy with QBE. The maximum duration of each trip is 60 days, so I have some time up my sleeve to sort this out. I have contacted QBE who have advised I can extend the policy by purchasing a new travel plan for the intended duration of my trip beyond 60 days :rolleyes:. This may prove to be the best option but it is rather pricey, probably looking at around $800 just for medical cover by the looks of it.

I do have private health insurance here in Australia which I have suspended as of my departure date, so if I do have a serious condition which develops (such as cancer) then I could fly home and resume residency in Australia, as I have continuity of cover with that on my permanent return.

My main priority is medical insurance, as I intend to do travelling around Europe while I am living in the UK. I do not care for cancellation protection, etc, for these short trips. I'll leave the EU regs to help me out, otherwise I'll just suffer the inconveniences as they come, I suppose. Medically speaking, as long as I am working I am fully covered under the NHS while in the UK. Medicare has reciprocal agreements for emergency treatment in the UK. But as I understand it, not for other medically necessary treatments, but if anyone knows a firm answer to this I would appreciate it.

Does anyone have any experience with living overseas (particularly in the UK) and the particulars on travel/medical insurance?

Thanks very much :)


Dec 25, 2004
Travel insurance is cheap in the UK. Very cheap actually. Most will alow you to purchase as long as you are a legal resident, other require you have a known UK doctor and/or an ehic (Google it)
Keep in mind, there may be exclusions in your current policy that make it void with no return ticket, an absence longer than x, or when you cease to be an Australian resident.

Make sure you look into the ehic card too.
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