Jobs that have the highest call for travel...

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Dec 8, 2004
Which job brings travel??????

Being an Entertainer of any type. Problem would be having to deal with crazy fans and the public.

You can add promoter and manager to that. Best mate is one, travels with an international pop star and his life mirrors hers (not a positive).

You are right it is a life of airports, transfer cars, hotels, airplanes and hanging out in the depths of modern arenas with crazy psycho wannabes following them around constantly.

All performed at hellish hours.

He has given himself two years (as the pay is incredible) then getting out.


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Mar 15, 2008
I do alot of FIFO here in WA. Plus flying back to the east coast often.
At the moment though, l'm flying on Skywest/Maroomba/National Jet/Skippers at least once a week and don't get any FFP's or Status points. Hence, l'm still Silver QF member. If l had been able to fly to mine sites where QF or Qantaslink fly to, l think l'd be atleast a QF Gold or maybe even QF Plat.

But, most importantly, as others have pointed out. Getting status is a benefit of going to work most of the time. Spending time away from family, money can't buy that.

Just my 2cents.


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Sep 6, 2007
I have travelled beyond my home city (BNE) on business every week for the last 18 and have business travel plans scheduled for the next four weeks. All domestic (have only been on one international business trip, which was not to a glamorous destination) spread between PER, MEL, SYD and NTL. I like many don't get to see (m)any interesting sights when on business travel. Neither the Eastern Distributor nor the Tullamarine Freeway nor that silly solitary energy windmill on Kooragang near NTL are that interesting to me anymore! I tend to work longer hours, catching up on work in the evening in the hotel when I should be getting out and about.

As to the OP's question: I am a lawyer based in my company's head office. I was in private practise for six years prior to moving to an in-house role - I would have travelled on business no more than ten times in that entire period. Lawyer in a firm = usually limited travel (unless very senior or in a specialised area of practise). Lawyer in-house with centralised legal team = copious travel to areas in which company operates (just a shame my company doesn't operate in the Bahamas or some other exotic location).


Oct 29, 2006
National Jet has SC's ! ?? I thought they did ..

Depends, generally on an NC numbered flight you won't get them e.g. my PER-RVT-PER flights never did, but then again; they were also chartered flights most of the time.


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Sep 8, 2006
Sales and project manager for a design and construct company. I travel quite a bit with this week about 800km so far and will have 1500km by weeks end.

All this is in the car seeing clients around Victoria. Not glamorous and last night was a 3 star motel in Moe. The food also sucks, it is never healthy and people think you always want steak. :confused:

The up side is that I get points for all my stays on the QF account.


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Jul 6, 2004
When I was a diplomatic courier for DFAT, I did travel quite a lot, and visit all kinds of places people say they want to go to (why I can't imagine).

I'm retired now, but I do have an awful lot of miles under my belt (eg 2MM with UA).

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Jun 8, 2008
I work offshore on a 5 week on/off rotation, I got lucky with the location of the ship (coast of Brazil). So in my time off I travel around South America, met an Argentinian girl who is now my girlfriend. The guy who posted before about relationships being difficult is on point, it is REALLY hard to maintain a relationship when you are away for 5 weeks. In some ways it makes us appreciate the 5 weeks we are together, but it is very emotional and hard at times. The time spent on planes and in airports does get old, but because its every 5 weeks I don't mind so much. I wouldn't choose a job that is just about travelling for business, I would rather a job that gives you TIME to travel for holiday purposes, not work purposes. The grass is always greener and for me the excitement of flying has mostly worn off.


May 2, 2007
I am the sales director of a plastic surgery supply company (my wife is the GM).
I am away from my home in BNE pretty much every week, mainly in SYD & Mel, but also a bit of AKL and CHC....
I have been doing this sort of travel for a number of years now and am well used to it.
I use all of the info I find on here and FT to make my life easier.
I do travel in my own time due to the short notice of some of my work, and I dont really mind doing that, except that I really hate the 4 am starts some days. :shock:
My "worst/best" year was 2006, when i did 140 + flights in one year, with about half of them being to Asia/Europe/USA.
I got to Explat in AA and kept that until Feb 2008.
I am sitting at sapphire now and will get to about 70-80 flights (mainly DOM) this year.
In the last 2 years I have had 1 x F return to JFK, 1 x F return to HKG, 1 x F return to BKK, 4 x J returns to AKL/WLG all on award points from AA.
They are the compensation for the early starts and the weekend conferences.
I am a Hilton Gold, a Marriott Plat, a PC gold AMB, and a Hyatt Plat.
I do lots of hotel nights, and try to stick to 2-3 major chains.
I like the extra recognition as a regular.
My wife is not bothered by me being away, but we talk many times every day due to work.
Not a bad life, but I don't have kids, have a stake in the company and love doing this work...
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